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Sifton Motorcycle Products is proud to offer quality parts for 1936 to present models of Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

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THE SIFTON STORY (excerpt from edited version)-

When Tom Sifton passed away in 1990, he left behind a legacy of quality and ingenuity in motorcycle performance parts. During the 1920's, Tom learned tool making in night school and became a motorcycle enthusiast who was constantly trying to make his bike run better. He found that if valve action could be controlled to allow better breathing, a vast improvement in engine performance would result.

The technique Tom devised was to accelerate the cam action a little faster for each degree of crankshaft rotation. Tom tried hundreds of experimental cam shapes until he was able to open the valves fully and close the back on the seat with a smooth easy action that was not hard on the engine.

Along with the cam development came double valve springs (these would become standard equipment throughout the industry) to make the valve train follow more cams at higher RPM and valve rotators to prolong the life of the valves.

Tom also designed and made very stiff, hollow, high strength aluminum pushrods (still the industry standard for pushrods).

By putting his innovations together, in 1926 Tom built an engine that was better than any factory built motor.

In 1933, Tom moved his shop to San Jose as a full dealership. In 1937, he established a branch dealership in Watsonville and in 1948 in San Benito and Palo Alto.

In 1938, Sam Arena ran a Sifton built bike in the Oakland 200 Mile Race. Tom had altered the piston rings so they constantly pumped a supply of oil to the top cylinders. His motor could operate at full throttle indefinitely. Sam ran the full 200 miles wide open, except for the fuel pit stop, and won the race, breaking the record by over 17 minutes.

From 1945 to 1947, Sam Arena did not lose a race and did not have any failures on a Sifton bike. Larry Headrick won every mile race in the country in 1950 on a Sifton bike. Between 1950 and 1956, Tom's bikes won 5 of 6 twenty mile races at Bay Meadows.

In 1953, Tom sold his dealership to Sam Arena. After retiring, Tom started to finance the purchase of motorcycles and provided this service to 17 dealers until 1965 when other sources became available.

In 1958, he began to make cams and other parts for his friends. The word spread and Tom had a new business. Tom designed a whole series of cams to suit the bikes and riders' needs.

In 1971, he found a performance biker who had a precision machine shop, Dick Hilferty. Dick and Ed Poleselli teamed to buy out Tom -- with the understanding that quality would alwaysbe associated with the Sifton name.

The Sifton name has always stood for quality, innovation, and integrity.

Tom left a standard that we at Sifton Motorcycle Products strive to meet everyday.