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Pro-Street Series Includes the Pro-Comp fenders
Dominator Series The name says a lot here....Bad to the Bone
Dagger Series Long, Lean and Mean
LoBoy Series Lots of Curves
Street Sweepers Lots and Lots of Curves


1: FRENCHED: License plate mount molded into the fender. License plate recess measures approximately 7-3/8" X 4-1/2".

2: MOUNTING WIDTH: Widest point of the fender where the mounting bolts will make contact.

3: SKIRTED: Longer, Extended.

4: TIPS: Impressions molded into the end of fender. 

NOTES: Estimated OEM Mounting widths are as follows, if you are not sure of the mounting width, measure it !!! Most fenders over a 7.25" mounting width are not OEM replacement and require fitment modifications. All of our Sumax fenders require that you drill out the mounting holes. Final fitment and trim work may be needed to ensure the smoothest mounting and best fit possible. You should be able to tell by the mounting width and the picture included if any trim work will be required. Some linked Pictures are for reference only, the design is the same ( ex: a 8.25 wide may be linked to a 7.25 wide ) they look almost identical.  


Estimated OEM




Front Mounting Width

Rear Mounting Width


4.50" NG
6.50" WG



4.50" NG
6.50" WG



4.50" NG
6.50" WG


Custom 180 - 200 Rear

180 Rear Tire
200 Rear tire

8.25" Min
9.00" Min 

Custom 230, 240/250

230 Rear Tire
240 / 250 Rear tire

10.00" Min
10.50" Min